The annual club membership is now due. Anyone wishing to train or play for Naomh Eoin CLG in 2020 will need to have their membership in place to avail of club resources and to be fully registered with the GAA. This is essential for insurance purposes.


The membership rates for 2020 are:

U8/10: £30

U12/14/16: £50

Minor: £70

Non player full member: £100

Player: £180

Silver: £240 

I’m sure you appreciate; it takes a lot of money to run the club over a 12 month period and the timely collection of membership fees is essential to ensure all teams (from primary school age right up to senior level) are adequately insured and equipped for training and matches throughout the season.  Please help in this regard by renewing your membership as early as possible.

We are now moving to processing our membership online using Clubforce.  This club management system will provide secure payment processing for our registrations, but more importantly will greatly assist club officers in our admin duties, reducing paperwork, being GDPR compliant, secure communications and allows members to be in control of their data.

                                                              Registration for 2020  is now open. 

Please follow the link below to register for the season, we expect all our members to register by 15th March 2020. 

To Register

Select your plan(s) and add to cart/basket and select next.  You will be asked to log in, if you don’t already have a Clubforce account you will need to create one.  This will allow you to move to the next screen to complete our membership form.  The final payment screen will require you to include your payment card details and to select full payment or payment by instalments.  

We will also use the Clubforce app for club communications, include group communications with coaches/parents to move away from using Whatsapp. There will be a transitional period for those and therefore ask that all members download the Clubforce app, search for Naomh Eoin (St. John’s) and mark us as your favourite club.

More information will be provided on this in due course.

Direct Debit/Standing Order: 

Some longstanding members already have existing Direct Debits or Standing Orders in place. For those members, you will need to cancel your existing direct debit & replace this with your new monthly instalments using the Clubforce link or app, to pay your subscription. You should choose the 10 monthly subscription option.

Under advice from Clubforce, In order to synchronise registration payments in line with both the Calendar year and Injury Fund Insurance, we have had to revert to a maximum of 10 payment instalments. All membership fee payments will conclude in December of each year from 2020 onwards.

Please note the following: If you choose to pay by instalments

  1. Your first payment will be taken on the day you register with subsequent payments being taken on that date thereafter. Accordingly, if you want your payments to be taken on the 3rd of each month, you MUST register online on the 3rd of the month.
  2. There will be a 25p charge per card transaction 
  3. If membership fees fall into arrears membership will be suspended and play will not be permitted.  The member will not have access to relevant communication groups until fees are brought up to date.
  4. You cannot train or play until you have completed Registration.
  5. Members wishing to pay by CASH/CHEQUE must  attend the designated registration days below. 


2 registration days for ‘CASH/CHEQUE’ paying members only on:

29th February and 15th March 2020 – 11am to 1pm at the club house.

Please note the ‘Cash/Cheque’ paying Members will not be fully registered for 2020 until full payment is received by the Registrar/Treasurer.

If you have any queries regarding your membership, please email via

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation during this process.

Cathy Donnelly

By conor Mon 24th Feb