Lá na gClub – schedule for Saturday

If your name’s  down on a team below, make sure to turn up…and anyone not listed just turn up and we will slot you in. This is Lá na gClub and is for everyone within our club to enjoy the craic of the day.

A BBQ will run from 3.00pm ably manned by asbestos fingers Fra and Floyd Mmmmmmackin!

Smoke gets in your eyes…

We’ve randomly selected the teams – everyone listed to be in Corrigan for 12.30… throw in for 1 sharp.

Everyone to wear club colours with bibs will be supplied for games.

Rules:  Matches 5 minutes each way with 5 minute intervals between matches. Goals only, 3 passes to be made before scoring. No 65s. Group stages 2 pts for a win, 1 pt for a draw. In the event of a tie at the end of the group stage then goal difference will decide the team to go through…no bribes will be accepted unless in the form of Arthur Guinness.


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Should be some craic…