La na gClubanna – this Saturday’s events!

For La na gClubanna next Saturday we are looking for everyone to get involved in the activities we have organised…

Spandau Ballet missing a few members that day!

First up will be a 7-a-side tournament commencing at 1pm featuring a number of club legends (or leg-ends as Hoss would refer to them). This will be followed by a BBQ and a few pints afterwards.

Medals for the winning team, with few competitions in between games, including long kick, puck, Cross bar Challenge and penalty competition.

Numbers looking good with veterans coming out of the woodwork. Competition for the younger memebers…can you put a name to any of the following? Ronan has promised coke and crisps to anyone under 16 who can get 3 right:

Another one of Curly’s finest…Jack with his eye on the ball while Jock waits for the rebound!

The Horse, Ginger Mixer, Big Charlie, Packy, Big Cli-Anto, Walter Matthau, Wee Jack, The Dog, Burger, Big Joe, Micky the Hurler, Harry Hill aka Professor Yackle, Forest Gump, Mochacho, The B*stard to name but a  few.  Answers on a postcard!

20 veterans at this stage, with U16’s, minors, current hurlers and camogs lined up too.  We really want to see you there on Saturday so get yourselves down, relive the old games and have a bit of craic with your team mates, current and old.