This year the AGM will take place at Corrigan Park on Friday 18th November. The meeting will begin promptly at 7pm. A Nomination Form can be downloaded via the link below:.


Please give some consideration to stepping forward and taking on a committee role. There will be changes in personnel this year as a number of committee members have indicated that they will not be running for committee this time round. There are a couple of positions that we have been unable to fill in recent years. That doesn’t mean that the work in these ares is not ongoing, rather that the work is being done by some of those already in a position.

The role of cultural officer seems to scare everyone off. This could be a gentle enough first committee post for anyone thinking of taking the first steps. It’s only my opinion, but a new post holder could consider running one or two events per year, and maybe look at updating the signage at the club. We have a member who is keen to run a cultural event early in 2017, so that’s a good start. Speak with me for more details.

We have not formally had a Development Officer in recent years. As you can see by looking about the club, development of our club is an ongoing activity. There are many committee and non-committee involved in these activities. It would be useful to have a named person to head up this post, as there is much more to do.